Another Silly Me

Actually i am a forgetful person, it is hit the highest quality of forget-full, full-forget, and ah forget it.
I had more than one blogs but unfortunately, undoublty, uneasy, unwell, un-connected (what is this?), i forgot the passwords and the worse thig is i couldnt find evidence of my crime (for loosing the pw). What i want to say here is please create an anti-forget-application on android. Okay? Hahahaha it seems like i am totaly out of my messy mind.
Okay enough. Bai bai. Good nite. Good sleep. Good awake. Good day.


Random Talk

It’s been very a while..
I don’t know what am i looking for here. I cant dig my mind either. What’s wrong with my messy mind, dude?
Ah wait!! Last romeo was such a big daebak! I don’t want to say “i’m proud of them” bcs of this. Why? They deserve to hit the jackpot right? Instead of proud, its better if I say “i’m looking forward for their bigger jackpot, next year, 2 years later, 4 years later, 10 years later, let’s be together longer than forever. My boys!”